Frequently Asked Question

How can I pay?

Cash and debit card in hands

  Most clients pay with cash, but we are going to test the Square system this year with DEBIT cards only.  

Where can I park?

Parking lot on the farm

  During the week, you can park by the house by coming up the long driveway. On weekends, this parking is reserved for people with mobility difficulties or those with infants. There is a large parking lot located along Hwy 2.  

How do I get my tree back to the car?

Transporting the Christmas tree to the car

 Too tired from walking around to carry your Christmas tree? No problem, ask one of our Elves to come and help you. We can transport your tree all the way up to the front parking lot. Please note that our Elves are not permitted to secure your tree to your vehicle. 

Do you sell pre-cut trees?

Pre-cut Christmas trees

 Yes, we offer pre-cut Christmas trees from late November until we run out of stock. If you are looking for something in particular, please call us to determine if we can fulfil your request.  

Can I bring my dog?

Bernese puppies in the hay

 Yes, we are a dog friendly farm. Please ensure your dog is on a leash and leave the poop bags at home, it is a farm. 

Can I use a chainsaw?

Chainsaw cutting the log

 No, due to liability, only employees of Carole’s Christmas Tree farm can use chainsaws. We provide bow saws, or you can bring your own.