About Carole's Christmas Tree Farm


This is the fifth season our family is running the farm. We continue the tradition of the family-owned tree farm started more than 25 years ago. 

Our objective has been to create a natural setting inspired by past traditions of families strolling through forests to find the family tree. This decision to create a forest like setting will not please those in too much of a hurry or just looking for a “perfect tree”. 

We offer thousands of trees in all shapes and sizes scattered throughout 50 acres. We offer one of the most diverse species of trees in the region (a variety of spruces, Scotch Pine, to the popular Balsam and Fraser firs). Looking for some tall trees, make sure to visit Land of the Giant Trees and March of the Toy Soldier. 

While we understand that the tree is an important objective for many, for us it is the journey and joyful time spent with the family walking, laughing, snacking and singing through our forest that is important; and we hope that some of you will agree. 

Some people question whether a Christmas tree farm is good for the environment versus buying a fake tree. There is no doubt that a Christmas tree farm is more environmentally friendly (and smells better too). There are many benefits to a real tree including that trees are a renewable resource, they can be turned into mulch and they provide shelter for wildlife as well as oxygen for all. Artificial trees are made with plastic, travel a long distance to get to Ontario and eventually end up in a landfill.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our website, please look at our other pages for further information. Don’t forget to check out our on-line Gift Shop offering excellent locally made quality crafts. We wish you and your family a peaceful and joyful Christmas and the very best for the New Year.  Merry Christmas, Carole and Frank